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Sustainable Prefabricated Steel Building Structures

Boomerang Buildings provides durable, sustainable and affordable prefabricated steel buildings for construction, industrial and commercial industries.

At Boomerang Buildings, we are making a difference by leasing sustainable, prefabricated buildings that can be rapidly adapted to your construction site or project needs. Designed for deconstruction, the building is dismantled and repurposed for another use once the project is complete.

USGBC MemberIn addition to offering HVAC, security, utility and other interior finish options found in a permanent building, Boomerang's temporary modular structure can help earn LEED credits for your site or project.

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Current widths in stock:

The sizes above are IMMEDIATELY available in our inventory. So we are ready to go, provided your site is prepared and we have a crew available, per a signed Lease Agreement.

These buildings are constructed with insulated hard sides.


Sustainable Buildings

All components and materials that make up the Boomerang Building are made from recycled content and are 100% repurposed after each use. Boomerang Buildings are modular and built with an open bay design, allowing for expansion.

This design improves constructibility as well as reducing costs over the lifespan of the building at your construction site.

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Construction Sites

We have developed a high-quality, sustainable and durable prefabricated building that can be relocated with ease.

Looking for an alternative to a construction site trailer or secure materials storage?

The Boomerang Building offers significant savings over new construction and permanent buildings. Click here for more info, and visit us at CONSTRUCT in Nashville this week!

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White Paper

Expansion in an uncertain economy is a tricky ordeal for businesses, both small and large. With huge upfront costs, long-term financial obligations and an uncertain tax code, organizations face numerous obstacles in their efforts to grow.

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